When we walked together
We walked as one
I never felt accompanied
I felt enlarged

When we looked at things
We had two eyes
One mind interpreting
I saw things as I never had

Your hand in mine was my own hand
We never touched
We occupied one another
Molecules circling molecules

In the rain one day, I felt sad
You captured my eyes
And I saw what you saw
My sadness withered.

My mouth spoke silently to you
You never heard my all
My fault
My mistake irreparable

If memory is a treasure house
I own jewels and pearls
But memory is smoke
It fades and goes


The silvered fingers of night
Stroke your face
I see the moon in you
And the sun

As summer follows winter
Winter comes
I taste the ice in you
And the fire

One note rings out over all
My soul sings
Molecules merge in time
Skin in skin

My eyes open in new light
I see you
The bright colours of you
In darkness

Your need is my need for you
No other
My heart reaches to yours

Tomorrow is tomorrow
Now is now
I’ll wait till my last breath
Asking you.


Bow your head
Majesty walks before you
Clothed in glory

Lift your eyes
See this mighty human
Bathed in light

Hold your breath
His golden raiment’s stained
Tied to earth

Inhale his grace
This mighty leader hasn’t washed
Smells like you

All grace is lent
All might is gifted
All majesty is borrowed
All glory comes from us.


I saw Polaris hanging in the black and turned

My head to find the safety promised by that star.

I followed day and night, and with the days I learned

To trust this light that beckoned to me from afar,

Illuminating every detail with its light.

Like yeast in bread, the light lived, grew, and filled my heart;

This star was every star that ever shone at night

And more, was every sun and moon, light without start

Then, suddenly the star was there no more, just night.

Directionless, I couldn’t tell the days apart

Nor tell the ocean’s oily blackness from the sky.

Unmanned, I cried to God to heal my outraged sight,

But, without stars, the dark defies the sailor’s art.

What light will ever guide this dark, occluded eye?

GB – Reposed, 2013

Hey, remember that guy?

You know, the one you shared an office with,


The one you antagonised at first


But with whom you became,

If not friends,

Then friendly. No, more than that,

Fellow travellers, right?



You had the same number of kids.

He smoked too.

Liked to make things out of wood

But didn’t like to share too deeply.

Kept his work and private life


But you were, probably, the closest thing he had to a friend.

There, anyway.




You smiled, shook hands whenever you met;

Which was often.






“Good morning, my dear”


You liked one another.

Shared a comical cynicism

And a stupid belief in truth and goodness,

Though he was Belgian.


He retired early, only 55.

Lucky bastard.

Fat pension and a nice payoff.

Wanted to start afresh with his wife,

Maybe move back to Argentina.

See the pampas again.

Make beautiful things.


He died.


One month after he left work.

Just stopped living.

Switched off one day.

No warning,



If god only takes the good ones early,

Is it wrong to hope I’m bad?