I rest beside a river, wide and strong
And smell the air of autumn;
A fish leaps for a fly, thus life parades
Before me all the morning.
My heart’s beyond the trees, within that house
That sits upon the rise and looks
Along this verdant glen.

The gentle drone of bees belies the pain
That gushes from within me
To pour unreal, unquenched upon this fertile soil;
And yet my heart beats only
for my love beyond the willows; unaware
that love exists, enclosed
Within this fragile frame.

A walker interrupts my reverie,
I recognise his smiling face
And nod hello. He asks me if I’m happy here
Amidst his life’s mute witnesses.
“Ah yes” I say, and understand the thread
That links us, him to me, to her,
To all who were before.

The evening light cascades through willow green
And patterns my repose;
My hunger yet unmet in every way
I rise and wander homeward.
Passing graves not cold I feel the tug of dread,
Knowing that when morning comes
My love will rest alone.