The Breastplate (for Heidi)

And when I wake I know not who I am
Till memory, in piece and part, flows in
To show the things I have, the things I love.

Each flash of joy and spite makes broad 
The canvas I inhabit and explore upon,
The jewels within whose gravity I spin:

A sapphire, clear and blue and bold and strong
First gem of priceless joy that broke my heart
Rebuilt me, full of love I’d never known.

A topaz, deep as any earthly sea, and more;
Glows with inner light and brightens me
While changing hue from hue, to this, my star. 

A pearl, as gentle as the morning dew
And like this miracle elixir, showing life
In shapes and nuanced shadows I thought grey. 

A tourmaline, rainbowed, bright, embracing;
Sparkling here and there, with unexpected fire.
Never dull and never plain, a butterfly of light.

I am enriched. The hand of God has blessed me
And the moment I awake I am new reminded.
Forever more there is no ‘I’, now there is only ‘we’.