The sharp stab of love flies

From the grave to touch my heart;

A wintry smile adorns her face

As solemnly we move apart

Remembering one we’ve lost.


Several minutes fill the space

Between the news and revelation’s pain;

For no-one ever feels this way

Exactly as another. Death is gain

The priest intones but what of me?


The smell of roses fills my mind

Reminding me of summer’s soul.

From then till now our lifetimes

Met and intertwined. I became whole

And you loved this woman I too love.


Now grief has entered and remains

For ever. My unworthy plan

To steal your love for me, blocked

By fearlessness too broad to span

The narrowness we lived within.


The future now is loneliness

And always thoughts of who we were

Together and apart. And who

You were for she we share;

She who I can never now embrace.